The Natural Victim

The Natural Victim by Peter Reynard

The computer always keeps watch and it never lies. So when the computer says that Eric Wanbois’ ID, and only Eric Wanbois’ ID, was used to enter a locked room one night, the same night and the same locked room in which a grad student is found brutally murdered, the police are sure they have their man.

Even Eric’s lawyer accepts his client’s guilt. But Eric insists he is innocent, and Dieter Fox – fellow grad student and voracious reader of detective fiction – believes him.

And as luck would have it, I’m Dieter’s roommate; his Dr. Watson and Capt. Hastings, all rolled into one.

To solve the case, Dieter (and I) must figure out how Eric’s ID was used three times that night though Eric claims he used it only once.

And who is the mysterious stranger seen inside the room hours before the murder? As Dieter and I start to dig deeper we discover that there is no shortage of people who hated the victim, including the victim’s lab mates and his ex.

But who among them hated the victim enough to kill him? And why?

About The Natural Victim

The Natural Victim is written in the style of the traditional British whodunnit with a tight plot and a detective-reveals-all denouement. While the style is traditional, the setting for The Natural Victim is modern – the campus of The Ohio Sate University and in the late 1990s. Our intrepid detective is Dieter Fox, a grad student by necessity, but an amateur detective by desire. He is assisted by his own Dr. Watson, our unnamed narrator, through whose words and eyes we see the action unfold.

If you enjoy the stories of Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham and Ngaio Marsh, you will enjoy The Natural Victim, available now on Amazon.

Praise for The Natural Victim

“For the reader looking simply for the plot-is-king Dragnet version, The Natural Victim has a satisfying arc that builds suspense by revealing clues and shining a light on the process of the obsessive not-quite-a-genius.”

~ J. David Core [full review]

“Really entertaining, and a fresh take on the whole Sherlock type of character without making him out like a super genius. It’s refreshing to read a mystery that you can actually put the pieces together on your own.”

~ Tyler Brainerd [full review]

“[The Natural Victim] reads like an honest man’s account of following a realistic murder and is keeps you hooked all the way. It’s simple but not boring, formulaic, but not predictable. This is a murder mystery through and through – nothing more, nothing less…You’ll get a lovely story, and really, sometimes, that’s exactly what you need.”

~ Goodreads [full review]