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by Peter on April 25, 2014 · 0 comments

Readathon BooksIt’s been a long while since I posted but I have been writing a little and reading a lot. This weekend (April 26) is Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon. If you haven’t heard about it, the readathon is a virtual get-together where people from all over the world combine forces to read for 24 hours straight (or 20 hours or 10 or 5 or whatever you can manage. I’m shooting for around 12 hours or so), post about it, cheer other readers on, and just have a good time. It will be my first time participating but I’m looking forward to it. And I have the following books lined up:

  1. Words of Radiance (Book 2 of The Stormlight Saga) by Brandon Sanderson. I really enjoyed Book 1 (The Way of Kings) so I’m looking forward to this one. At 1000+ pages, this could probably keep me occupied the entire time, but just in case I get bored or I need a change, I have a few more.
  2. The Billionaire’s Apprentice by Anita Raghavan. The story of the rise of the Indian-American elite and the fall of the Galleon Hedge Fund. Financial Shenanigans. I like reading about all the different ways that people find to game the system. It’s even better when they get caught.
  3. The Little Town Where Time Stood Still by Bohumil Hrabal. It was recommended to me by someone who thought Hrabal was better than Marquez. I enjoyed reading Marquez and I do need to expand my horizons in contemporary and modern fiction.
  4. Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age also by Hrabal. A small novel, even a short story, but written as one very long sentence.

If you haven’t heard of the Readthon, I encourage you to check it out and participate. What better excuse do you need to ignore all your responsibilities for a day and just read.

On a final note, I’ll be stopping Mailchimp post updates for the duration of the Readathon so you are not getting bombarded with 2 dozen updates each telling you that I have read another xx pages! 🙂



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